Tips & Self Packing

We are Passionated about what we do

  • We strongly believe any successful & stress free removal starts with careful planning & good packing this will eliminate any potential problems.
  • No carrier bags. Must be heavy-duty dustbin liners or laundry bags with no sharp objects or fragile items in the bags.
  • No loose objects (especcially small electrical goods, toasters, kettles and etc).
  • Do not pack valuable items, jewellery, deeds with your other belongings as per the terms & conditions.

Don’t use boxes that are too big. Don’t overload boxes. Mark boxes clearly to what is in them. Mark on boxes which room they are to be left. Mark on boxes information such as FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP.

China and Glass
Line the carton with shredded newspaper and wrap pieces individually in tissue paper. Mark the box “Fragile” or “Very Fragile”.

Plates, Records and CD’s
Stand on side, do not pack flat.

Mirros, Picture Frames
Stand on side, do not pack flat.

Make sure that everything is packed well and is ready to go.

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